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San Diego

Last year we drove up the Northern coast of California for our honeymoon, passing through Big Sur, Carmel, Monterrey and eventually landing in Napa. It was romantic in theory, but after the hectic reality of wedding preparations we should have vacationed like sloths. It was all incredibly beautiful, albeit tiring. This year we decided to make our sloth-dreams come true for our first anniversary, so naturally we drove down the Southern coast of California! This time we made sure include plenty of rest and lots of beaching. I wasn't always a fan of beaches, in fact, I took it for granted being born in Los Angeles and not having to travel very far to see it. Now that I'm older and work indoors most of the time, it's really grown on me and I appreciate the peace it brings me. We mainly spent time in Del Mar, but here are a few other spots we visited....

Laguna Beach, Roadtrippin

Beach Tower
Flower Bus

Laguna Beach, Carlsbad & Encinitas
We drove through many beach towns, staying in Carlsbad one night and spending lots of time in the sun (a novel concept for me). My skin literally cannot absorb the sun so I guess I'll be pale forever! Also, Donald insisted that I stand in front of these crazy barrels so I humored him.

Encinitas Beach
L'Auberge Del Mar
Del Mar Picnic

Del Mar
A true gem! We stayed at L'Auberge Del Mar for several days and it was so lovely. It was my first time really exploring this region of California so it was all new to me. My favorite part was walking to the park nearby that overlooked the ocean, which we visited several times each day. We even made a picnic one afternoon...eating greasy burgers before opening our Gia Frizzante. Keeping it classy.


Del Mar Sunset
Balboa Park

San Diego
On our last day, we made a quick stop in San Diego to visit Balboa Park. We were mainly there to see the beautiful foliage and walk through free museums. I also ate at Puesto, a ridiculously delicious taco spot, whilst in town. Frozen horchatas should totally be a "thing"...just sayin.

Pink Museum
San Diego Waterfront

We hope to return sometime soon, if only to stockpile frozen horchatas! I'm sharing links below of some favorite spots for those who are interested x

Del Mar: Seagrove Park | L'Auberge Del Mar | Pacifica Breeze Cafe
San Diego: Balboa Park | Timken Museum of Art | Puesto

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  1. Such gorgeous places and photos, dear Valerie! I hope I will visit California one day...
    Oh, I can totally relate to what you wrote about beaches; I feel the same now, it's nice to just relax outdoors once in a while, rather thank hiking like maniacs all the time!

    1. I hope you visit California one day too! You'd love the northern coast especially I'm sure! I definitely love relaxation...I can't get enough of it this summer :)

  2. It looks amazing! I've never been to the US but I am planning a trip next year - hopefully I can make it to Cali!

    1. California is a must if you come to the U.S! So many amazing places to see....I hope you have a great trip! xx

  3. Valerie, I love how you captured the area where I'm from. I wish I could have "Valerie vision" wherever I am. So dreamy.

    1. What a lovely thing to say, thank you! I wish to explore your area more some day :) My "vision" is just desolate lol. I try to photograph empty areas which is actually tough in SoCal but I prefer quiet spaces xx

  4. So many beautiful photos! It looks like a lovely trip even if it was hectic, and of course I adore your sweet outfit. :)

    1. Aw thanks! I love that pink suede skirt so much! This trip was super relaxing actually, it was just last years honeymoon that was too tiring :D

  5. awww this post is so gorgeous! i love all your photos and a trip down the coast sounds like the most perfect way to celebrate your anniversary. :) i've never really been much of a beach person either in terms of swimming, but i love being around the beach because the air is different and it always has a different vibe to being in the city and it's super relaxing and the smell just makes me happy. hope you're well lovely! xx

    jessica -

  6. Such beautiful pictures of what was clearly a wonderful trip. x

  7. The photos are beautifully crisp and the colours are incredible! :D

  8. It looks amazing!,I am planning a trip next year to NZ- hopefully I can make it.

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