Hello. Long time no see!


I'm so glad that school is now behind me and that I can enjoy free time to write, photograph and travel. Here's what I've been up to:

Things got quite busy beginning in March, I bought my first car and worked relentlessly on school assignments until the beginning of June. They weren't the most exciting days, in fact I abhorred most of it (darn math courses), but I looked for mini-breaks here and there. The first was driving to Santa Barbara to see the old mission and loaf in the sand for a few hours. The ocean was immaculate.



The beautiful Santa Barbara surroundings and my petit fiat!
I'm always at my happiest when I'm visiting the city and hope to
one day live in a vine-covered home with a surplus of flowers.


I brought along my straw kitty bag filled with treats for our beach picnic.


Spring break! I made the most of my mini vacation by taking a road trip to Carlsbad to see the Ranunculus flower fields. I had seen photos of them previously and knew that I had to visit one day. What a gorgeous sight, and it completely distracted me from tedious assignments!

flower field 5
flower field 3


flower field 6

School, school, and more school. The good news was that I was nearing the end, and that meant that I could finally visit the Stanley Kubrick retrospective at LACMA one weekend. Oh! It was a dream come true. I could have stayed there for days.


I've seen the Shining countless times so it was wonderful to see
the props, as well as the script, clapboard, and posters designed by
Saul Bass. I was "geeking" out for hours, poor Donald who had to wait!


Although I'm still in the middle of June, the first few weeks were jam-packed with meaningful events such as my long-awaited graduation. My sister came all the way from England to celebrate, and we had some lovely adventures during her visit that I will share soon! I wore this sparkly aqua dress for the graduation ceremony and can't wait to wear it again for a special occasion.


The first half of the year was a whirlwind (most of which was soo grueling!) and I'm looking forward to what the second half will bring. In one week I'll be heading to England & Paris for vacation; a grand start I'd say! x

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I didn't take many throughout the year so these are a bit special :)

  2. Your dress looks really pretty! :) I can't wait to finish school too, 3 days left to go! :)

    1. Oh wow! You are so close - good luck! When it's all over it feels wondrous. Thank you Eline x

  3. how i missed your pictures! so glad you're blogging again, and congratulations on your graduation! you and your mom look amazing :) your wicker bag is so cute and i love how you paired it with the book! what did you think of it? it's one of my favourite book of all time! already looking forward to reading your next post xmoira

    1. Hello Moira! Thanks for the lovely comments, especially in regards to the grad photos! I didn't share too many because I know how cheesy they can be (hehe). I have been reading through the novel for about a year and a half? I'm quite horrendous with finishing books (I think I'm currently reading about 10 different ones) but I have enjoyed the characters and crazy anecdotes in Margarita. I look forward to your posts as well! x

  4. So nice to have you back! And England and Paris sounds wonderful :)

    1. Nice to be back Hannah, and it will be an adventure indeed. I've never been outside of greater London or Harwich, so it should be interesting to do a bit of a tour this time :)

  5. I'm happy you've been wonderful, I kind of missed you and your photography. It seems you've been busy and good, the pictures look stunning (as always!) and your graduation dress is so cute, congratulations on graduating too! -- And your new layout is cute too! I love the soft tone in the background!

    Have a great trip to England and Paris!

    1. Thank you- on many counts, Louise! I missed my pals on here (you included) and looked forward to returning someday when things settled down. The layout change is still in progress but it does feel warmer now :) I haven't travelled since last summer so I'm excited! Merci xx

  6. Oh my - how lovely the past few months have been for you :) The fields of flowers are like a beautiful dream.
    I hope you have a great trip to London and Paris! Have you ever been to the Vintage Emporium cafe and shop in London off of Brick Lane? It is one of my favourite places - it's a tad bit scruffy, but actually makes me feel like I'm back in time when I'm there. <3

    1. Hello Abby, no I haven't been to the vintage emporium although it sounds dreamy! I was in London last summer, but I just went to oxford circus which was a bit of a nightmare with crowds. Pfft. Thanks for the tip and I'm happy to have found your blog! x

    2. *not just there, but for shopping it was!

    3. Yes! Shopping in Oxford Circus can be a nightmare! I don't want to sabotage your plans by any means, but if you have a break and are in East London definitely check out Brick Lane - you have to walk about 10 mins from the tube station before you start noticing retro/vintage shops, but the place has bohemian charm :). The shops further down the road are my favourite - like the side street called Cheshire and then the Emporium (http://www.vintageemporiumcafe.com) on the side street called Bacon. Sunday is the "it" day to go to Brick Lane because there are more markets and loads of food vendors, but the regular shops are still open throughout the week and that's when I like to go because it's so much calmer. Sorry for the novel! By the looks of this post, wherever you go on your trip it will be lovely! :) <3

    4. Thanks so much for the helpful tips! I will be passing through London a few times and if I have some time I will definitely check it out! :) xx

  7. I love this sort of recap post, and the photos are all incredible! Your graduation dress is really, really incredible.

    1. Thank you Natalie! So many road trips condensed into one small post hehe. The dress was so sparkly that it was glittering all over walls and people nearby! x

  8. I just literally discovered your blog and I'm absolutely addicted to it already! Your photography is beyond amazing, honestly I just feel so inspired right now! ... oh and your dress is gorgeous, it weirdly reminds me somewhat of the little mermaid!

    1. Aw thanks Aimee! I actually thought the dress was mermaid-like as well! I don't own a single item of clothing in that color so I felt it was a must :)

  9. Somehow I missed this post on my feed - I'd been wondering what you were up to! Sounds like you had a busy couple of months, it's good that you got some fun stuff in there. Your new car is ADORABLE, by the way. Also, congrats on graduating!

  10. oh my god, that dress!!! (insert screaming face emoticon) you must have looked like the most beautiful mermaid! congratulations on graduating, that's so exciting for you and i'm sure you must be very relived to have a bit more free time now. so glad to see you blogging again, i've missed your presence! xo


  11. Oh come on! You love the Shining, too? It's definitely one of my favourite books by King that got turned into movies. I love the dress too! <3

  12. Oh my goodness, it seems like your life is filled with beauty and adventures! Your photos of Santa Barbara are magical- the water is so clear! And your sequined aqua dress is way too cute!! I'm officially obsessed with your blog.

    Xo, Hannah



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