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In the midst of a cluttered schedule, what I desire most is to simply sit and read. Gone are the days when I could devote my attention to a single book, in fact it's nearly been a decade since I've been that disciplined. Now my reading interests gravitate toward the mindsets that I wish to explore; perhaps a cinema legend or cat-lovers. Since the start of the new year I've placed two books near my bed; their words and subject matter excite me the most right now. I've also surrounded myself with some other lovely things in anticipation of Spring.

the book stack

favorite cat title

The first book is something that I had my eye on for months and luckily for me, Donald gave it to me for Christmas! It was printed in 1956 and has the favorite cat stories of James Mason and his wife (with the weathered pages to prove it!) The illustrations are adorable and the stories are so old-fashioned. He also gave me the definitive Stanley Kubrick retrospective that is endlessly fascinating ♥

black cat ribbon

back james mason

closeup iris

I've decided to put new flowers in my office each week. These are the purple Irises that I currently have.



Also on my nightstand - is the prettiest glitter notebook that shimmers & the sweetest monthly planner.

mustard collar
jewel collar

I suppose Spring-time would not be complete without some new dresses and ornate collars. I'm loving pastels, blues, yellows and gold tones at the moment. Being surrounded by all this loveliness is necessary, because most days are tedious and many new changes require laborious attention. Quite soon I will have the ultimate new acquisition, something that I've been saving for several years for- a car! This weekend shall be grand & I'll probably celebrate with a nice meal and buying my own bouquet of white pom pom flowers x

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  1. Your cat stories book reminded me about a cat-themed picture book I had a long time ago - it was full of cat stories/legends/songs/games, haha. I wonder where it got to!

    So awesome that you're getting a car soon! Congrats on saving for so long.

    1. Aw that book sounds equally as lovely! Thanks Jane! I've had so many up and downs with saving for my car, but somehow things have happily converged at this point :)

  2. Replies
    1. It is the epitome of what I love; old-timey & endearing :)

  3. despite the fact your life seems always so busy and hectic, everytime I visit your blog I always get a calm, beautiful feeling. it may be the colours, the mood you decide to share here. I love it! ♥

    1. Hehe that is very true! It's certainly a purposeful choice because my day-to-day life leaves me with a clouded mind (because there's soooo much to do) and I prefer to keep it simple and calm here :) Also - it would be so boring to hear about all the ins and outs of my tedious schedule so this is my little haven! Glad you enjoy it! x

  4. ah, i always love the colors i see here. those two peter-pan collared dresses seem perfect! i love the one with the brown velvet. congrats on the car (oh, how i can't wait to buy a new one) and buy yourself some flowers after it is purchased!

    lindsey louise

    ps: your letter has been delayed in service because of the amount of huge snow storms we have received here! i finally got out to mail it yesterday!

  5. So beautiful, Valerie. Your blog is truly one of my most favourites. Good luck shopping for your car! xx

  6. I really love how all your photos have a soft pink glow about them, it really makes your blog look so pretty! Also, your letter is almost on its way. Thank you so much for being my pen pal, receiving snail mail is so lovely. Also, where are those two lovely dresses from? You have the best style ever xx

  7. Ohh I can't wait to see you in those dresses, they are both such beautiful colours! I love irises and I love your incentive to get new flowers each week, I want to do the same :)

  8. This is such an inspiring post! That cat book looks wonderful--I especially love the illustrations (and being an artist yourself, I'm sure you love them too and they serve as great inspiration for you!). I've had fresh flowers around my room this week since I got my appendix out, and it really does cheer you up. That's so exciting you're getting a car! That means more day trips I'm sure. Also, I love the pinkish hue to all your photos--it's very unique! x

  9. ➸♡➸ So cute! Oh that kittieh face is just too cute! ➸♡➸ And I am loving the anticipation of spring! The earlier sunrises and wee flowers popping up to say hello! Have a lovely week sweetheart! Zoë xxx

  10. simple pleasures like having fresh flowers around the house is so lovely, especially when you're really busy and don't have a lot of time for much else, they only cost a few dollars and last the whole week. i love your new dresses (of course) and their gold velvet and crystal collars - they look perfect! and your little glittery notebook is so sweet as well, your posts are always full of so many things i'd love to own myself!

  11. Cat book looks so cute. Donald seems like a best boyfriend ever!
    Oh and the dresses Valerie, these are perfect!

  12. And congratulations on your driving license. Good luck with the car. So happy fr you.

  13. haha i LOVE that you have a cat book- that's so wonderfully you. and i always wanted to make it a point to buy flowers for my apartment- they just make the space so happy. i love those irises!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  14. Awesome post and thanks for sharing! Your posts are very entertaining!
    I really like your blog. Come by! We can follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook ;)!

    That sounds like a lot, so I'll leave the links here to make it easy for you:
    Instant Milk link
    Facebook page link
    Bloglovin link

    Come by soon!

  15. Oh wow, I'm totally in love with your blog and cute photography! You're amazing! <3


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