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bas jan ader, primary time

jarek puczel, lovers

julie lansom, la marquise III


edgar degas, the star: dancer on point

grace kelly

Valentine's day is tomorrow, which means that it's time to listen to love songs and be surrounded by sweetness. Donald and I will be making a meal from scratch, which is my favorite thing to do. Here's hoping that nothing burns! I made a small playlist for those who want to revel in songs for the occasion, you can listen to the whole thing here. Also, all of the photos above are from my tumblr if you'd like to follow along.

photo by li hui

One of my favorites from the playlist:

The Supremes - Love is like an itching my in my heart

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  1. Beautiful post, the picture of Grace Kelly is breathtaking <3

  2. Beautiful images. Have a lovely day!

  3. I love your post title. Haha. Love the dreamy pics.

    Have fun tomorrow :) xx

  4. Thank you all :) I love the degas as well and of course the beautiful Grace Kelly!

    Paula: Hope you have a nice V-day too! x

    Vanessa: It's my favorite line from a Supremes song haha! Have a nice one too! x

  5. Aww these are all just lovely! I hope it all worked out with you and donald, happy valentine's day :)) I don't have spotify but I could get a little laste of your playlist with the supremes' song, it must be terrific XD

  6. Thanks Nana, it worked out super well for Valentine's day! Aw that's too bad, it comes in quite handy. It was a mix between motown, french composers and a little my bloody valentine. x

  7. I love your inspirations....Your blog is very pretty!!


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