mary janes


Things I love: my old marc jacobs mary janes, light leaks on my phone's photo editor, having dinner on my patio and admiring these book covers. Of course, finding new things to enjoy is something I hope to cultivate more often once summer formally begins.

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  1. I've had them for three years but only worn them a handful of times. I worry they will get dirty! x

  2. Ohh those shoes are stunning. I too have far too many garments that I've had for forever but have only worn once or twice for fear of ripping or dirtying them or decreasing their beauty in some way!

  3. pretty, pretty shoes. and I loved the book cover with the bird.

  4. Georgia: I know what you mean. I have a mini closet full of them! Hopefully some lovely occasions prompt me to bring them out :)

    Hanna: That book cover was lovely to me as well. I tend to appreciate books that dedicate themselves to birds. I think it's endearing! x

  5. I wish I had some old Marc Jacobs Mary Janes!!!

  6. I had wished for them for quite a while, before my boyfriend bought them at christmas. I probably would have continued wishing as I tend to do with things I savor over!

    p.s. lovely blog x

  7. Awh I love your blog! Very pretty, and that first picture is gorgeous!!

  8. Thank you very much! That's sweet! :)


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