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Prior to setting foot in this pink villa, I never felt the need to have my own garden space. I loved to admire them, even make long treks to be in their command, but it always seemed impossible to attain that peace whilst living in the city. My balcony oversees a tree-lined street and while we've enjoyed the view often, we've sat outside sparingly. Recently I've been working on getting it into shape. It's a small space but I'm including what I think is romantic and would make me want to go outside. I'm happy to say that it's almost done and here's a sneak peak.

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  1. What glorious photos!!!


  2. how beautiful! there still aren't many flowers blooming here in minneapolis, just the tiny ones people seem to be able to keep alive in their front yards.

  3. Aw really? My boyfriend is from Minnesota originally, and I know how harsh the winters can be. Hopefully they bloom soon. I have to work to keep my hydrangeas alive, even in sunny California! x


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