My sister and I went to a lovely vintage shop called Playclothes in Burbank (the town I was born in!) and looked around. There were plenty of charming dresses and even a large cat that met me in a corridor. Unfortunately, he ran away before I could get his photo.

This is their wonderfully large dressing room and me wearing a fur-lined sweater below.

The ceilings are quite immaculate for such a relatively simple area, but it also makes you want to pop inside. My sister loved the section that had vintage bracelets, fitted with long-forgotten names like "Penny" and "Loretta". Alas, there was no "Valerie" in the bunch.

I gravitated toward the small collection of books, picking up the one on Swedish Grace. I love design books with specific narratives.

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  1. The green dress looks lovely. Oh, and swedish grace is one of my favorite periods, I used to live in a building here in Stockholm that was a typical example of that period - it was so beautiful!

  2. That sounds dreamy! Swedish Grace is indeed very beautiful. When I was in Malmö I saw a mix styles, not exclusively neoclassical - it was all lovely. Next time I must stop in Stockholm. x

  3. Thank you. It was a lovely little space x

  4. I want to have everything!

  5. Yoli, I feel the same! I loved the little pill-box hats and delicate dresses. x


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