Perhaps we all have those days where reminiscing seems fitting. I've never shared these photos from a very special day last year, spent on the montjuïc hill in Barcelona. I love sprawling gardens, stray cats and beautiful museums: all of which I found there. We walked the entire length of the area and found plenty of charming spots like the national art museum of Catalonia.

I loved Spain; even the kitties were effortlessly beautiful.

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  1. It looks so lovely! Isn't it great how everything is that much more special when you're abroad and far, far away from home? Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs:) xx

  2. Yes, it certainly is! I love outings around my home as well, but the cultures around the world is what makes everything truly interesting. And thank you xx

  3. it sounds like a lovely day! and that painting of the couple on the horse is truly great.

  4. I also love that painting, it looks so old-fashioned and the colors are so lovely x


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