monaco, volume two


We spent a lot of time behind this balcony, seeing the moon at night and how close it sat on the water. Mainly we were sloths, reveling in a comfy bed indoors. My boyfriend worked at times so I went on a few adventures alone, like going to a pink villa forty-five minutes away and getting lost in the web of connecting townships. It was all immensely beautiful!

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  1. This makes me long for swimming and climbing up hills to marvel at big mansions. You manage to make Monaco seem worth visiting, I've only heard about it being the incarnation of tacky before.. Haha.

  2. Haha, there probably are some tacky things such as handbag-fever. But the sea is so beautiful that it kind of takes it all away. I was so in love with Grace Kelly that I visited where she lived and only saw the beauty in everything and there was plenty.

    Thank you for the blog-link. I love yours. x


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